Davidson Microaggressions Project

“The Stereotypical Privileged White Person”

Although I do not fit into the usual marginalized group, I have experienced microaggressions. I am a white, female and due to that everyone lumps me into the stereotypical privileged white person at Davidson who gets whatever she wants and is very rich. I have encountered this when I made mentions of how expensive an item is, me: “$20?! No way” other person: “oh that’s nothing for you” I do not receive money from my parents, everything I spend is my own earned money through work. I am not wealthy, but am consistently seen as such. Also, as a female, people have marked me as weak and not as smart. I am an athlete and it’s laughable how many times men will assume that I am not as strong as them or capable of doing physical labor on my own. In some instances, it has been politely offered and others the role of a ‘weaker female’ has been forced upon me.