Our guests speak from their expertise and experiences, drawing upon specific examples and situations to demonstrate the lasting impact of microaggressions and related topics implicated in how microaggressions can powerfully sting. Impact over intentions, lurking to learn, raising awareness, and prompting critical thought as we all strive to do better and engage mindfully with others. Tune in for new episodes at the end of each week!

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DMP Podcast, Episode 16: Intersections of Jewish Identity, Hybridity, & Microaggressions: A Conversation with Dr. Ilana McQuinn & Dahlia Krutkovich

In this episode, DMP collaborator Juan Diaz Mercado interviews Jewish Studies professor-scholar Dr. Ilana McQuinn and Davidson senior Dhalia Kurtkovich about the unique intersections of marginalization and being Jewish in the U.S. American south, and Jewish hybrid identity in both Europe and the U.S. Read more here

DMP Podcast, Episodes 9-15: Anonymous Grading as Inclusive Pedagogy

In Spring of 2020, the Davidson Microaggressions Project published a guest blog co-written by two members of the Student Government Association’s Academics Committee, Julia Bauer and Wren Healy, on the topic of anonymous grading as one concrete strategy that professors can implement to combat bias and support disenfranchised students in their classes. Read more here

DMP Podcast, Episode 8: “Those Woke [Asian American] Kids,” Activism & Interracial Solidarity: A Conversation with Dr. K. James Cho

In this episode, Dr. Amanda R. Martinez and Ashley Ip, member of the Asian American Initiative, interview Dr. James Cho about his dissertation research featuring Asian American youth activism and hashtags over the last six years to track discourse and language for interracial solidarity with other communities of color. Read more here

DMP Podcast, Episode 7: Indigenous People & Microaggressions of Erasure: A Conversation with Lumbee Tribe Member, Prof. Brittany Hunt

In this episode, DMP collaborator Basil Wiering interviews Professor  Brittany Hunt, a member of the Lumbee Tribe, and doctoral candidate at  UNCC. She highlights the erasure of Native Americans and how rampant  cultural appropriation is in the fabric of our society. Read more here

DMP Podcast, Episode 6: Sister Outsiders Building Solidarity: A Conversation with Isabel Ballester & Morgan Spivey

In this episode, DMP collaborators Jaelyn Taylor and Juan Diaz Mercado interview Davidson alumnae Isabel Ballester and Morgan Spivey about building community, finding your people in white dominant (academic and other) spaces, and (re)discovering identity through immersive, newfound knowledge gained in both in/formal educational settings. Read more here

DMP Podcast, Episode 5: Traveling Migrants Traversing Complicated Borders: A Conversation with Itziri Gonzalez-Barcenas & Brice Rosette

In this episode, DMP founder Dr. Amanda R. Martinez interviews Itziri Gonzalez-Barcenas, Davidson alum from North Carolina & Mexico, and her partner Brice Rosette, a Martinican-Parisian, about the complicated, often tension-filled decisions fueled by restrictive migration policies and personal desire to experience the world beyond border limitations to pursue academic, personal, and professional goals. Read more here

DMP Podcast, Episode 4: Charged Political Rhetoric, Border Logics, & Framing “Others”: A Conversation with Prof. Rebecca Avalos

In this episode, DMP collaborator Juan Diaz-Mercado interviews Loyola Marymount University lecturer and University of Colorado at Boulder doctoral candidate, Prof. Rebecca Avalos about her research on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” racial project, with a focus specifically on Latinx communities, racial logics, nationalism, migration, and borders. Read more here

DMP Podcast, Episode 3: Race, Rhetoric, & Religion: A Conversation with Dr. Andre E. Johnson about Black Lives Matter & All Lives Matter

In this episode, DMP collaborator Jaelyn Taylor interviews University of Memphis Communication Studies professor Dr. Andre E. Johnson about his work on race, rhetoric, and religion. Read more here

DMP Podcast, Episode 2: Feminism, Gender, & Sexuality Microaggressions: A Conversation with Drs. Horowitz & González

In this episode, DMP collaborators Michi and Julia interview Davidson College Gender & Sexuality Studies professors Dr. Katie Horowitz and Dr. Melissa González about gender, sexuality, identity, pronouns, and microaggressions. Read more here

DMP Podcast, Episode 1: Racism, Academic Institutions, & Microaggressions: A Conversation with Drs. Bowles & Cho

In this episode, DMP collaborators Michi and Juan interview Davidson College Anthropology professors Dr. Laurian Bowles and Dr. Helen Cho about systemic racism, its manifestation in academic institutional contexts, and microaggressions. They reflect upon their educational and professional paths and discuss their experiences as students and professors, and offer their perspectives about how Davidson College has changed in light of diversity, inclusion, and equity in their time as members of the college community.  Read more here

DMP Podcast, Episode 0: Why a Podcast?

In this brief introduction episode, we Davidson Microaggressions Project collaborators introduce ourselves and discuss how the podcast came to be. Manifested during the peak of the COVID-19 global pandemic and in the midst of a socio-politically charged country climate. . . Read more here