Davidson Microaggressions Project

Sports Team

My friend, [Asian woman], was walking up the hill from commons to the side of Belk when she heard a large group of guys who appeared to be wearing [sports team] attire. She recognized some of the guys who were on the [men’s sports] team. She was walking past them and she heard them giggling and cracking jokes as she approached them. As she walked by them, one man popped his head out of the crowd in front of [my friend] and said “Ni Hao!” in an aggressive and sarcastic manner. Some of these boys knew who she was and most likely knew where she was from. Either way they should not have made inappropriate and racially charged assumptions. We would appreciate it if [athletic staff] addressed this with your team, Coach. We would also appreciate some kind of closure/apology for this possibly intentionally and either way hurtful comment. We are all trying to improve the social climate at Davidson and make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. I know most Davidson students value this, and we decided to report this in effort to work towards making Davidson a safe place for all minorities.