Davidson Microaggressions Project


It’s like I’m a Ghost.  I was working with two men and we were trying to figure out what time we had a shift change. We were sitting in a circle, all pretty evenly spaced out. I said that each shift should be 35 minutes, but it seemed like they didn’t hear me. I don’t have a quiet voice and I was sitting just a few feet away from them – they definitely should have heard me. The two of them kept trying to calculate how long the shifts should be and then they came up with the same answer I had just said. There was no difference between our positions, they were fellow students of mine, the only difference was that they are men and I am a woman. This reaffirmed my feeling that I don’t exist in the same space as men. I’m not heard or seen, I’m not respected like they are. I was as if I were invisible to them – that if I went up to them and knocked their water bottle off the table they would think it was a ghost because they can’t see me.