Who are we?

The Davidson Microaggressions Project was started by and led by Dr. Amanda Martinez in collaboration with Isabel Ballester ’18, Itziri Gonzalez-Barcenas ’19, and Jacob Hege ’18.

Dr. Amanda R. Martinez is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Sociology, and Gender & Sexuality Studies at Davidson College. Her research interests intersect mass media and health communication contexts with particular focus on stereotypes, race, ethnicity, gender, and culture. She is a member of the Diversity Committee and co-chair the Faculty of Color Affinity Group at Davidson College. She is former Chair of the Latina/o Communication Studies Division & La Raza Caucus of the National Communication Association.  


Isabel Ballester is a senior Gender and Sexuality Studies major with a minor in Hispanic Studies. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and spends most of her time hustling for travel funds. She is a member of the Student Initiative for Academic Diversity and enjoys working on campus-wide equity projects. She reps both the Dominican Republic and Philadelphia, PA as her homes.


Itziri Gonzalez-Barcenas is a junior at Davidson College. She is a double major in Africana Studies and Political Science born in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico, but was raised in Sanford, North Carolina. Her campus involvements include being: the Student Body President, a co-founder of the Davidson College Define American chapter, a Humanities Fellow, a research assistant, a STRIDE mentor, a member of Warner Hall Eating House, a tour guide, and a SiDES volunteer. She loves to dance, read, craft, go to the lake, watch good movies, and eat food.

Jacob Hege is a senior from Durham, NC. He is a double major in Communication Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. On campus, he works for the office of Alumni and Family Engagement and is a member of the executive board for 1972 as well as the Rape Awareness Committee.