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One time in a class, the professor had us act out a dialogue. He assigned me the role of the mother because I would “make a good mother,” and asked me to hold a baby doll. Then he… Read More


Microaggressions around correct usage of pronouns and preferred/chosen names are frequently committed by faculty and students at Davidson. Some professors openly mock the use of gender-neutral pronouns, refuse to use them, etc. In a similar vein, there is… Read More


I was walking back to my room from the shower one night, and as I passed by my neighbor’s open door, two of my hallmates were playing FIFA. “Suck it, fag!” one said to the other as I… Read More

hey guys!

I was advertising this project, and in an email to a group of all women wrote, “hey guys!” I am usually conscious of this minor microaggression and try to say “everyone” or “y’all,” but sometimes I still fall… Read More


On my first ever day of classes at Davidson, my class went around and give icebreakers. Having experience with people assuming I’m born or raised in East Asia, I specifically mentioned being born and raised in [the United… Read More

“You looked it up!”

I just committed a microaggression while guest lecturing in a class a week ago. I was covering for another instructor and using their slides, and I didn’t know what they meant by a particular term. A student asked and… Read More


My first year at Davidson I noticed that I called my black hallmates “girl” when speaking to them more so than I did with my friends of any other ethnicity.